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New recruits

As Agents 001-003 (aka Cecil, Austin & Muriel) have been in our RealSnailMail enclosure at Bournemouth University since February 2008 they have now retired to greener pastures. Eight new snails from our garden now inhabit the tank equipped with 20mm clear disk tags. These new tags enable the Snail Agents (aka Fred, Agatha, Sean, Penelope, Francis, Beatrice, Walter, Reginald) to pick up and send messages up to 5cm away from the RFID readers. To check out their profiles please visit: http://realsnailmail.cfdeveloper.co.uk/profiles.cfm


These eight snails will be our delivery agents during SIGGRAPH Los Angeles (11th-15th August 2008). They’ll be keeping busy as we currently have over 6,000 emails patiently waiting delivery.

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Snail Stardom

Our snails gave a great performance on today’s BBC Newsround program. You can watch the program and check out the snapshots the Newsround team took of our enclosure at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews

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